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Providing safety and durability, however harsh the environment

The Challenges

Underground mining presents a host of unique challenges compared to strip mining. Work on excavating tunnels and shafts is performed at up to around 4 km underground, where gas, heat, and dust exacerbate already harsh conditions, and height restrictions limit the workable space around equipment. Mining under such harsh and dangerous conditions requires equipment of unrivaled safety and durability.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

KITO products are designed and built to meet strict standards that ensure optimal safety and durability. Their proven track record includes work in excavation sites and even underground facility maintenance.
Take the KITO Explosion-Proof Type series, usable even where explosive gases are present. While the explosion-proof construction of the push button on previous models hindered operability, the push button on the newest model is now 90% smaller and lighter, which eases operator fatigue and boosts work efficiency.
Meanwhile, our low-headroom hoists, which can lift even in confined spaces, are another example of KITO products designed to suit specific work areas.


Low-headroom hoists can be used even in confined spaces such as in coal mines, and provide increased lift and efficiency.


KITO Explosion-Proof Type is used in this coal mine, with inclined rails to facilitate the passage of the Hill-Climb Trolley.
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Manual Hoists

Powered Hoists

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