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Gas and Petroleum

Safe operation even in high ignition risk areas

The Challenges

Hoists play an important role in the gas and petroleum industry, at every stage from refinement to sales and distribution. Equipment failure can affect operations, so reliability is crucial, and certain operations require equipment portability as well so that equipment can be moved easily from site to site. Flammable gases are an inherent danger at refineries and other sites, so equipment safety is equally important.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

KITO-designed technologies allow us to provide products that are exceptionally compact and lightweight from the hoist body to the hook while maintaining safety and operability. As early as the design stage, we also consider ways to make daily maintenance of our products easier, and our products are deployed in many gas and petroleum related facilities.
KITO products deployed in gas and petroleum plants are separated into two categories: maintenance and transportation. Manual chain hoists and other equipment are important players in regular facility maintenance, while a wife-range of electric equipment is used to raise, lower, and transport loads, including large gas cylinders.
Explosion-Proof Type hoists can be used in locations exposed to flammable gases and are widely acclaimed.


An Explosion-Proof Type hoist used to maintain gas plant piping.


A KITO ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST EDIII Series Single-Phase and a KITO Light Crane System KBK used to unload gas cylinders from a truck platform.


A KITO Explosion-Proof Type hoist used to transfer large gas cylinders.


Manual Hoists

Powered Hoists


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