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Food Manufacturing

Achieving both hygiene management and work efficiency

The Challenges

Given the need to minimize risks, which include food being contaminated with foreign matter, hoists and other mechanical equipment tend to be avoided in the food manufacturing industry. Nevertheless, work efficiency is paramount and using such equipment can enhance efficiency in this industry. But only equipment that can meet the strict hygiene requirements imposed in food manufacturing facilities can be put in to service.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

KITO products that are used in the food manufacturing industry are developed in response to actual on-site feedback and therefore satisfy hygiene management standards while also improving work efficiency.
For example, components likely to come into contact with foods are rust- and dust-proofed, and coated to optimize their water and chemical resistance. Optimum specifications can also be proposed for food safety, e.g., using lubricating oil which is virtually harmless and food-grade oil for lubrication etc. Because we can customize our equipment to suit specific requests, our products are in service in a number of food manufacturing facilities.


Moving a pan using a combination of the KITO ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST EDIII Series Single-Phase and the KITO Light Crane System KBK.


The KITO ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST ER2 used on a seafood product processing line.


Lifting wand transferring a 200-liter pan by telpher and the KITO ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST ER2.
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Food Grade electric chain hoists are used for all steps of the production process in a red bean paste factory.
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Powered Hoists


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