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Playing an important role behind the scenes at events and performances

The Challenges

Many people probably think that hoisting equipment is used only in factories and construction, but hoists play key roles in entertainment, too. At event facilities, studios, stages, aquariums, and even theme parks, hoists work behind the scenes, and often unnoticed, in both small and large productions.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

The KITO Motor (reversible-type hoist) is frequently used in areas where it is difficult to install typical hoisting equipment, such as temporary event stages. Thanks to the “reverse-suspension” electric chain hoist, with which the main body raises and lowers the load, it is possible to hoist the load just by hooking on a ceiling beam or other feature, which is the best option for setting speakers, lighting equipment, etc.
Hoists also do the heavy lifting at aquariums, where they are used when moving large animals, such as dolphins and killer whales, to and from different tanks. A telpher crane and electric hoist are installed on top of the tank, and Twin Hook Type hoists or Simultaneous Trolley Type hoists are used to maintain balance while transporting their delicate cargo. In these cases, specialized machinery lubricants are required so that they do not harm the animals if ingested.


Twin-unit simultaneous operation electric chain hoists are used to move a dolphin at an aquarium.


Reversible electric chain hoists are used to suspend a speaker system in a theater.


Reversible electric chain hoists are used to suspend lighting in a gym. (full view)


KITO theatrical chain hoists are used to lift up truss that holds the lighting/acoustic equipment at a musical theater.
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Mannual Hoists

Powered Hoists


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