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Electric Power

Ensuring quality and safety for stable operation

The Challenges

Whether nuclear, thermal, or hydroelectric, power plant facilities must be maintained daily to ensure a stable power supply that supports our modern lifestyles. For the cranes and hoisting equipment used to maintain these facilities, safety is paramount.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

KITO has a long track record of delivering products for power plant maintenance. We are happy to supply inspection certificates and other documentation that prove the safety and quality of our products and their parts.
KITO can also help customers turbo-charge their productivity with cutting-edge products such as the KITO High-Speed CB. Customers are also welcome to “try before they buy” by confirming the performance and quality of demonstration equipment.


A Gantry Crane and Manual Chain Hoist used for maintenance at a nuclear power plant.


A Gantry Crane and KITO Rope Hoist used at a nuclear power plant to load tanks filled with contaminated water onto trucks.


A jib crane and a high-capacity chain hoist used at a nuclear power plant.


Large amounts of manual chain hoists are used to adjust or fix the position of pipes at a construction site of a thermal power plant.
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Manual Hoists

Powered Hoists


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