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Construction and Civil Engineering

Can be used in various work sites, e.g., tunnels, high-rise buildings, etc.

The Challenges

Construction and civil engineering work site equipment must be optimized for the work environment as well as absolutely safe and durable. For example, when constructing tunnels in urban areas or under rivers using the shield construction method, the segments (circular arc-shaped blocks of reinforced concrete, steel, etc.) are assembled right after excavation, in very confined working spaces. When constructing high-rise buildings and bridges, specialized equipment is needed for everything from materials and equipment transportation to the equipment required to do that actual construction work.

How KITO Meets the Challenge

When constructing tunnels, low-headroom powered chain hoists are deployed to ensure sufficient lift even when working with limited space. When working in inclined areas, the drive systems of Hill Climb Trolleys can be adjusted according to the incline and therefore can mitigate the risk of slipping.
KITO has established a specialized department dedicated to designing customized products and leveraging its engineering expertise to develop applied products that meet specific needs.


Combining the KITO CHAIN HOIST CX and the KITO Chain Sling 100 enables construction that leaves timber undamaged.


Electric chain hoists in operation at a site constructing bridge girders for expressways.


Multiple chain hoists are used to transport materials and facilitate the construction of girders.


The Hill Climb Trolley operating in a sloping tunnel.


Manual Hoists

Powered Hoists



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