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Corporate Governance

KITO appointed Auditors and established an Internal Audit Office in order to support its corporate governance worldwide. They audit all aspects of its business based on the Corporate Mission, the Code of Conduct and the "Basic Policy for the Establishment of Internal Control Systems".
KITO also promotes legal compliance which is essential to win the reputation of "KITO = Reliable Brand."

Internal Control

In order to establish and operate systems to conduct self-supervision and control that will ensure business activities are grounded in the Corporate Mission of "Delivering unmatched satisfaction to our customers," KITO has set a its "Basic Policy for the Establishment of Internal Control Systems". Under this Policy, the Auditors and the Internal Audit Office have taken the initiative in performing operational audits and establish and operate controls pursuant to J-SOX.

Basic Policy for the Establishment of Internal Control Systems PDF

Corporate Governance Report PDF

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance PDF

Supplementary Explanation of Basic Policies on Corporate Governance PDF

Results of the Effectiveness Evaluation of the Board of Directors PDF


At KITO, we believe that being compliant is the first step in winning the recognition of "KITO = Reliable Brand."Therefore, in order to raise the awareness of each employee, KITO has created a Compliance Manual, which has been shared with the entire Group. Additionally, KITO, as a member of the global community, has established the Security Export Control Rules, to contribute to maintaining world peace and security, and conducts export control in accordance with these Rules.

Compliance Manual PDF

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