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Management Strategy

Regional Strategy

Allocate substantial resources to Asia

  • Capitalize on significant growth opportunities in Asia

Market Outlook

  • The overall global market will grow steadily and markets in China and other Asian countries will expand rapidly at a double-digit CAGR.
  • Competition in the growing markets will be fierce, but winners will be identified within the next 2 to 3 years.
  • Customers in the growing markets appreciate the importance of safety and reliability more than simply low prices.

North America / China : North America and China will continue to drive the growth for several years. KITO will continue to expand its operations and localize its supply chain in those regions. Asia : KITO will capitalize on growth opportunities by allocating substantial resources to this region with the goal of becoming the market leader in the target market. Markets to be developed : Build new operational footprints to capture growth opportunities in the future.

Product Strategy

Provide products and services of the highest quality and capture more than 15% share of the global market

  • Establish the KITO brand as the brand with unparalleled products and services in both mature and growing markets
  • Deliver outstanding value (Lifecycle Value = Reliability in safety and productivity) for customers at their operations

Enhance competitiveness of our core products → Expand our product lineup for volume zone in the growing markets. Full-scale entry into the wire rope hoist market → Become a full-line hoist manufacturer with adding wire rope hoists to chain hoist lineup. Expand the lineup of crane systems → Provide one-stop services for hoists and cranes. Restructure service business and operation → Provide lifecycle value that improves safety and productivity at our customers' operation. New business development → Develop and/or acquire new technologies and products focusing on the area of material handling for work stations.

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